Appliance Repair: Knowing where to look

Fred's Appliance
July 1, 2013

A lot of homeowners take pride in their ability to figure out a problem on their own.  The determined do-it-yourselfer is a creature worthy of respect by anyone, however, there are often certain intangible aspects of Appliance Repair that are difficult to learn without having had a lot of experience in dealing with the quirks of even the most well-built appliances.

Consider these experiences that some folks have had when attempting to diagnose and repair their own appliances:

  • When the slider on a zipper breaks off in the dryer and you can hear it grinding, but can’t see it, do you know where to look without loosening a bunch of screws and knocking the drum out of balance?
  • If the refrigerator on your ice maker stopped working, have you accidentally over-tightened the water supply, causing a leak that’s even worse than the lack of ice?
  • Have you ever replaced a perfectly good microwave simply because you couldn’t figure out how to fix the door latch and release mechanisms, or broken them completely due to relentless over-tinkering?

Fixing your own appliances often seems like something fairly simply, right up until the point you realize that you’ve gone and done something that put you in completely over your head.

Fortunately, there are appliance service and repair professionals like those at Fred’s Appliance who have the training and experience to go about things simply, without causing an even more expensive repair or, in the worst cases, a complete appliance replacement.

If, however, your need to diagnose and fix those seemingly easy breakdowns gets the best of you – and then you end up in a real bind when something unexpected has you scratching your head – don’t worry.  You can still contact us for some help.

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