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November 25, 2013

Most modern homes today use a wide variety of appliances like washing machines, dish washers, microwave ovens, air conditioners, which greatly simplify their life saving time and energy. After the appliance is purchased the home appliance can stop working anytime, at day or at night, on weekdays or holidays and this can be very inconvenient to you.
For example, if the refrigerator stops working, the food stored in the refrigerator will get spoiled, and alternate arrangements will have to be made to preserve food for a long time. If the washing machine stops working, clothes will have to be washed manually which can be a very time consuming process. While most manufacturers of these home appliances offer a warranty of one or two years after the appliance is purchased, as an indication of the quality of the product, it is often difficult to get any kind of after sales support, when the warranty period expires. The home owner has to make his own arrangements for appliance repair. If this happens to you, Freds Appliance in Ashtabula OH can help you out.
Most home appliances operate on electricity and the appliance repair technician will have the necessary testing and repair equipment to quickly troubleshoot and diagnose the fault in the home appliance. In case the appliance is malfunctioning due to a minor problem like a loose contact or improper soldering, this appliance repair will be done at no additional cost. However, in case some part is malfunctioning due to poor quality or environmental conditions, the appliance repair will involve replacing the defective part at an additional cost. The technicians will carry a wide range of replacement appliance parts with them, so that the defective part can be replaced quickly to minimize the appliance downtime.
After the home appliance is repaired, the service will be guaranteed.  If you live in Ashtabula, Cleveland, or the surrounding areas, and you need you need a repair, give us a call at 1-888-45-37337, or schedule a repair online at our website at

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