Appliance Repair Tips: The Do’s and Don’ts of Garbage Disposal Care

December 15, 2014

Although, your garbage disposal may not need an intense maintenance plan, proper care and TLC is still a necessity that can help prolong its life. While you most likely know placing items, such as, banana peels and corn husks down your drain is a huge garbage disposal misstep, you may not be aware of the other do’s and don’ts that go hand in hand with disposal use. To help you with the upkeep of your appliance, we’ve listed 7 tips that will make your garbage disposal a reliable and effective kitchen tool.

Proper care of your garbage disposal will help prolong its life.

Proper care of your garbage disposal will help prolong its life.

  1. Do use cold water while you run your garbage disposal. Hot water can increase the chance of overheating the motor or the shredder assembly.
  2. Don’t overfeed your disposal. Stuffing scraps into the appliance too quickly can lead to a serious clog or a malfunction that may require a call to your local appliance repair company.
  3. Do listen carefully to the progress of your garbage disposal. You should be able to here when the blades have finished grinding down your scraps. Once you’re sure the process is finished, switch off your appliance, however, continue to run the cold water to ensure your pipes are properly flushed out.
  4. Don’t pour hot water down your drain when your disposal is clogged. Unfortunately, the water’s temperature will only cause certain materials left in the pipes to melt which will worsen the obstruction.
  5. Do use ice to clean the blades of your disposal. Grinding down a few cubes will effectively remove any debris that is covering the appliance’s shredders, which in turn, increases the grinding efficiency of your garbage disposal.
  6. Don’t pour bleach or other harsh cleaners in your garbage disposal’s drain. If you are looking to deodorize and sterilize the unit use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. This natural cleaning substitute won’t damage your appliance.
  7. Do read and keep your garbage disposal’s owner manual. Not only does it provide proper maintenance for your unit, but it can also help when you’re faced with troubleshooting the appliance.

If you have questions about your garbage disposal’s performance, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.

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