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May 17, 2013

Finding the right tenants for your vacant apartments can be tough. You realize other vacant apartments in the neighborhood are filling faster than yours. Then you find out why. They offer a washer and dryer for each apartment. After all, who wouldn’t want that perk when renting?

You decide it’s time to offer the same, but you have an apartment building with six apartments. Buying new washers and dryers is too expensive. So you buy used; but they don’t come with warranties. Unfortunately, one breaks down the first week you own it. Now you worry the rest will, too.

That’s where we can help. Fred’s Appliance has experienced appliance technicians who arrive at appointments on time. Their trucks are stocked with parts to service appliances.  And if the parts need to be ordered, they’ll do so that same day.

Once our technicians have taken care of your broken washer, they’ll check on your other washers and dryers. With their knowledge and experience of applainces, they’ll take away your worries about buying used. They’ll even provide a warranty for parts and services.

Now you start to consider buying more of your appliances second-hand. You know they may break down more often, but you realize if you could learn more about repairing appliances, you’d feel more confident with your used purchases and feel more confident as a landlord.

Fred’s Appliance LLC offers an academy to train people just like yourself. By becoming a certified appliance technician, you would be able to fix all your tenant’s appliances. Imagine being able to repair appliances in your apartments any time of the day or night. What a convenience to your tenants; what a great way for you to save money in the long run.

So give us a call at 1-888-45-FREDS or contact us online.

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