Christmas Gifts With Cords Are Now Acceptable (Appliance Service)

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November 19, 2014

Men used to be told that gifts with cords were not acceptable at Christmas or on a woman’s birthday. Cords usually represented work. So the giving of appliances, electric skillets, can openers and the like were not allowed if you wanted to stay on a woman’s good side.

My how things have changed! With more women in the workforce full time and the women who do stay home just wanting more time with their children, anything that makes life a little easier is a much appreciated sentiment. So guys, that now includes appliances!

At this important time of year, listen to the ladies in your life. What are they doing when you hear their biggest sighs? What do they say about the things they are currently using to do their daily chores or to keep up with the housework? What peeks their interest in the weekly flyers from the newspaper or on tv? What do you hear them discussing with their lady friends on the phone or when they’re chatting together? This is asking a lot, I know but just view this as part of the perfect Christmas gift process!

There are so many improvements that have been made to appliances in recent years. Technology has practically developed clothes washers that do everything but put the clothes away.  Dishwashers are quieter, more versatile and can be used for more than just washing dishes. Garbage disposals eat more and more items and help save on trips to the smelly garbage can. Refrigerators are now designed with common sense and your back in mind with freezer drawers on the bottom and sliding shelves that eliminate bending over to find things. All of these appliances are a way to say “I love and care about you and want to make your life a little easier.”

So if you really want to “WOW” a special person in your life, consider shopping at your local appliance store for that perfect, unexpected and delightful gift that will make your loved one happy all year long!

Move over diamonds. You are not a girl’s only BFF any longer!

Just as diamonds need cleaned and repaired from time to time, so will your appliances. When that need arises, call Fred’s Appliance Service for qualified, competent service.

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