Dishwasher Maintenance Advice You Should Keep in Mind!

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If any of the sprayers in your dishwasher seem weak, they may be clogged by the minerals in your water.

If any of the sprayers in your dishwasher seem weak, they may be clogged by the minerals in your water.

Having clean china is a top priority – they reflect on you and your household. We use our dishwashers nearly every day – depending on the size of our families, or the frequency of our guest visits. Thus, it stands to reason that you should keep your dishwasher in tip top shape!

According to a recent article, as soon as you notice “water around your dishwasher, check your gasket for cracks or deterioration. If the gasket is damaged, remove it, [then] cut a piece of the old gasket to use as a guide at the hardware or appliance store….” Keep in mind that you need to marinate any new gasket in hot water to ease its installation.  It can be easier to just order the exact gasket made by the manufacturer of the dishwasher though, but parts eventually are discontinued.

If any of your faucets or sprayers seem weak or improperly functioning – they may be clogged by the common minerals found in water. The most common culprit, especially if you have hard water, is calcium carbonate. Fortunately, acetic acid, which is commonly found in any vinegar – dissolves CaCO3. So, all you need to do is marinate as much of your faucet or sprayer with vinegar, as possible. If you can disconnect your faucet, then you can fully submerge it in vinegar – alternatively, you can run vinegar into the openings of your faucet or sprayer.

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