Dryer Appliance Repair: 4 Things To Check Before You Call

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March 13, 2013

There’s absolutely nothing worse than heading to your dryer with a huge load of dripping wet laundry only to find that your dryer will not turn on. If you’ve found yourself in this little predicament, there are a few things you can do for dryer appliance repair yourself, before you call a repairman in a panic.

Power Source

By this we mean…check to see if it’s plugged in.  Seriously!  You’d be surprised how many phone calls we get for dryer repair and when we get to the house, the machine was unplugged all along.  Pets, kids and husbands can all get back there and cause problems.  So, make sure your dryer is plugged in before you call.

Breaker or Fuse Problem

Once you’ve checked to be sure your dryer is plugged in, you’ll want to check to be sure you didn’t trip your breaker or blow a fuse.  That can happen, especially if you’re running a lot of electronics on one line in your house.  If that was the problem, and it’s a frequent problem, you should call an electrician.

Strange Sounds

Are you hearing strange sounds coming from your dryer as it runs?  It could just be some loose change that found its way in there, or a belt that someone left on a pair of pants.  Open it and check for these loose items first.  If you find nothing loose, you could have a belt that’s broken, or it could be your dryer’s motor has seen its last days.

Clothes Not Drying Quickly

If you find that you have to run the dryer a few times just to dry a regular-sized load of clothes, check your lint filter before you call a repairman.  The lint filter should be cleaned after every load, and you probably do that anyway.  However, lint can be trapped in the vent as well.  There are many different places lint can hide, such as between the drum and the filter.  A brush with longer bristles will clean it out.  This should be done a few times a year to prevent a fire.  Once you remove all of the lint, you should get better results with your dryer.

Sometimes you just can’t figure it out, especially if all of the above have been checked.  Your dryer manual holds a wealth of information, and you might find your answer there.  If you’ve exhausted every possibility, contact us.  We’re more than happy to help.

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