Five Tips to Avoid Dryer Appliance Repair

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September 11, 2013

You finally bit the bullet and are now the proud owner of the shiny new dryer sitting in your laundry room. With just a few easy maintenance steps, your dryer should have a healthy, long lifespan without the need of repair or replacement.

Clean the lint filter regularly– Regularly means every single load that goes through the dryer. Even if you cannot see anything, tiny dust particles do collect and block airflow. If you commonly use fabric softener, this can really block the filter and you won’t even see it. Be sure to take the filter out often and scrub it under water and let dry. And don’t forget to clean the area around the filter as well.

Clean the back of your dryer– Most people don’t consider the back of their dryer unless they have to pull it out from the wall or search behind it for that elusive missing sock. But letting lint and dust build up on the back of your dryer impairs the vents. Not to mention this gives you the chance to check dryer connections occasionally.

Dry reasonable sized loads– You may find yourself with a dryer belt issue if you regularly overload the dryer. Too big of a load equals more strain on the inner tub’s tumbling ability. If you are prone to overloading, you may want to think about upgrading to a higher capacity dryer.

Don’t forget the outside vent– Not only does this impair the airflow and cause the dryer to work harder, it can cause foul odors from the air not being able to escape. More importantly, it is a fire hazard. The outside vent is easily cleaned. The flexible plastic is usually held in place by small tabs that can be manipulated out easily.

Exhaust your dryer correctly– This will keep you from having all kinds of moisture issues along with keeping your dryer running in good form. Use flexible fittings and make sure there are no vibrations which can cause them to loosen over time. There are many vent kits available.

Just a few simple steps can keep your dryer in tip top shape for years to come. If you find yourself in need of some dryer or other appliance repair contact Fred’s Appliance with any questions. Check us out on the web!

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