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Fred's Appliance
December 2, 2013

Fred’s Appliance Repair has been providing solutions to appliance issues for over 16 years. Skilled, trained and experienced technicians are focused in delivering quality services. On top of the great work they do, we provide the customer 100% satisfaction and all work is guaranteed. Fred’s Appliance Repair is bonded, insured and licensed. At no cost call service fee with repair, you’ve got no excuse not to let us help when your conveniences let you down.

We focus on appliance repair in Lorain OH and are proud to have top quality service to get your appliances up and running. Our services are for refrigerators, dishwashers, dryers, washing machines, air-conditioners, ovens and stove tops, sump pumps, in wall vacuum systems and garbage disposals, microwaves, water heaters and if we haven’t mentioned your appliance, let us know, chances are high we probably fix that too! First, we assess the work required. At some instances it’s as simple as changing the battery or inserting an electronic plug into its socket and it takes no time. However it isn’t always as easy and our technicians may require a little more time and effort than an easy solution. Fred’s Appliance Repair does not discriminate against the brand name or product line and will fix, help maintain any of your appliances.

We can get to your home quickly to assist you with any appliance issues you may be experiencing. Our trained and certified technicians have fully equipped vans and are ready in demand for whenever you may need help. We also accept all prior bookings to help fit in with your busy schedule for appliance repair or maintenance services.

Imagine how costly it would be if your refrigerator or freezer suddenly breaks down. First the food would be wasted and secondly you need to spend money to buy a whole new refrigerator. This is why we recommend that you look for the little signs of low functioning appliances and contact our certified company to prevent spending lots of money out of a blue moon.

Our advice is keep your appliances well maintained regularly and repaired according to manufacturer’s specification. This method will pay off with great functioning appliances and many headache free years of service to be thankful for.

Appliance repair is dedicated to bring home the lowest prices around both in Lorain and Ashtabula as well as Cleveland. Practicing locally for 16 years has taught us one thing, and that is fair service.

Appliance repair believes in delivering an affordable service to their clients without dropping the quality of service. Depending on the appliance and the level of work required, the amount of time for repair, the price range may vary. If you have any broken appliances or you are worried something is not working quite right, feel free to get a quote on our website or over the phone. One of our friendly staff will guide you through the steps and provide best suitable option for you.

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