Microwave Appliance Repair Can Save You Money

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November 6, 2013

A common problem that people have is not knowing when they can have their microwave repaired. For many people, when something goes wrong with their microwave, they assume that it is broken and thus they spend unnecessary money purchasing an entirely new appliance when their machine simply needed to be repaired. To help you avoid this mistake, here are some signs that you need a new microwave as well as some signs that your unit is fine meaning you can save money with microwave appliance repair.

Repairable Microwave Problems

  1. There is no Light: If no light comes on when you open the door or when the microwave is running, the light bulb could simply be out, or there could be an electrical problem with the unit. While this is most likely a fixable problem, it is one that is best handled by a repair technician as replacing the light bulb can require opening the microwave’s cabinet.
  2. Microwave Door Problems: Let’s face it, of the components on your microwave, the door is the one that receives the most abuse. The door gets slammed repeatedly, and once in a while it will get leaned on or pushed the wrong way. There are two problems that can arrise when a microwaves door becomes damaged or bent; firstly, some models are made so that they will not start unless the door is properly secured. Secondly, a microwave door having a proper seal is essential as this keeps the radiation from escaping from the microwave when it is in use. A bent microwave door can be repaired and is not a sign of needing a new microwave; however, due to the reasons given, it is important to have your microwave repaired if the door is damaged.
  3. Your Touchpad Does Not Work Properly: If your touch pad does not work, or certain buttons are not working as well as they used to, your touch pad may need to be cleaned or replaced. However, you will first want to consult with a repair specialist as a new touchpad can cost as much as a new microwave

Signs That it is Time to Replace Your Microwave

  1. Your Microwave Makes Odd Noises While Cooking: If your microwave makes odd noises while cooking, it could be caused by a piece of food being stuck under the turntable. However, if you have cleaned under the turntable and it is still making noise, there is most likely a serious issue with your unit and it would be best to replace it.
  2. You Press Start and Nothing Happens Except a Loud Buzzing Noise: This could mean that your microwave has a defective power diode, high voltage capacitor or magnetron. Either way it is important that you replace your microwave immediately if this happens.
  3. Your Microwave Works, But Cooking Takes Longer: Everyone has experienced this before; over time, their microwave will grow slower and will take longer to heat/cook food. This is a sign of age in a microwave and that the units magnetron is starting to fail. This issue cannot be fixed and is a sign that the microwave needs replacing.

While certain issues require the replacement of a microwave, other issues can be repaired which can save you money. However, do not try to repair a microwave on your own, as this electronic appliance can be dangerous when meddled with by someone who is not a professional. Contact us for more information on appliance repair and for further advice on whether you should replace or repair your microwave.

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