Signs your Microwave is not working and needs repair

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November 14, 2013

Like all things human-made, Microwaves are amazing pieces of technology that have eased our food preparation immensely in the last 50 years. They are ubiquitous and can be found in a home in most modern societies.
Most of us take our microwave ovens for granted. Yet they are the workhorses of the kitchen: high-tech marvels that use powerful electromagnetic waves to heat up food quickly and easily. Microwave ovens offer an unbeatable bang for the buck, when one considers all that they enable us to do quickly.

However as with things made my humans, they can and eventually will break, whether it is wear-and-tear, or accidently leaving metal or tin foil with a plate/dish. Below is a list of just some of the signs that you may need your Microwave fixed or replaced:

  • Takes longer too heat food
    If the settings haven’t been changed, but your food is taking longer to cook, you might want to plan on buying a new oven. The loss of heat could be electrical, or it could be due to damaged seals.


  • The touch pad isn’t working properly.
    If nothing happens when you hit Start, or certain keys don’t function, the touch pad may need to be removed and either cleaned or replaced. A new touch pad could cost practically as much as replacing your microwave oven.
  • Your microwave oven door has problems.
    The door to your microwave oven is a vital safety component that’s carefully designed to contain radiation. The door interlock switches a signal that the door is shut, which means it’s safe for the unit to start heating.  If your microwave runs when the door is open, or stops working after you close the door, check the door hooks and door release button to see if they’re broke


  • Makes strange noises
    Appliances sometimes get noisier with age. A microwave can make extra sound if the carousel is off-balance, if food is stuck in the turn-table, or if something is touching the sides or top of the unit. If your microwave is making strange knocking noises or buzzing louder than usual when these three issues are not present, there may be a serious problem.


  • You punch in the cook time, press Start and get nothing but a loud buzzing.
    This could mean a defective power diode, high voltage capacitor or magnetron. Replace your microwave oven immediately.
  • Behaves strangely
    Your microwave may display some of these malfunctions:

–              The outside becomes very hot

–              The light won’t go off when door is closed

–              The oven won’t stop cooking when the timer ends

–              Using it trips circuit breakers or blows fuses

Should any of the above problems occur, or other ones here not listed (i.e.: accidents), do not hesitate to contact us, if your machine can be repaired, we are your destination of choice for quick, prompt service at a quality price.

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