Something You Might Not Think To Ask Your Washer Appliance Repairman

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June 5, 2014

Appliance repair personnel are good for more than just repairs!  They are a valuable resource of information for not only fixing and maintaining your appliances, but also for helping you make sound choices when the time comes for you to buy a new appliance.

After 30 years, Donna’s clothes washer finally gave up the ghost.  When she went shopping for a new one, she discovered that washers were now very different than they were when she bought her last one.  She had tried researching them on line, but realized that most reviews are based on the features of the washers and not longevity or performance.

She had heard some negative things about certain wahsers from her friends so she was totally at a loss as to what to buy.  She didn’t feel comfortable trusting the salespeople at the local home supply center because they only sold machines.  They didn’t service them.  Until she obtained some more information, the laundry mat was starting to look like her only option.

Then it dawned on her.  Why not ask the trusted, honest and experienced Washer Appliance Repairmen in her area.  She sent out an email on a local forum site and gathered the names of legitimate appliance repairmen.  Then she called each one telling them what she was looking for  and asking them which machines or companies that they would recommend.  Armed with good information about the pros and cons of every brand, and what she should expect both positively and negatively from each brand, she was able to go to the appliance store and converse intelligently with the salespeople and find the right washer.  She felt good about her purchase.

Even better, when her machine did need service, she had a list of reputable repair services to call for honest and competent service.  Of course the ideal situation would be to have a dealer that both sells and services their products like Fred’s Appliance.  They can not only sell you the best appliance for the money, but they can help you decide which appliance will be best for your particular situation.

For more reliable information on all types of appliances and good repair services, contact us.

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