Tips to help keep your dishwasher appliance repair to a minimum

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January 30, 2013

We load our dishwashers, close its door and let the water flow in; remarkable how this appliance does all of its work behind a tightly sealed door with plumbing fittings perfectly set.

But even this highly reliable household appliance needs to be checked over a couple of times a year to make sure all is working well underneath the sink and to keep your Dishwasher Appliance Repair to a minimum.

Check the rubber seal…

No doubt it will need some wiping down—white vinegar on a clean rag is good. This will remove the build of mineral deposits. Be sure to do the same cleaning around the inside edges, too.

Then the drain…

Ideally, you should be able to simply remove the drain cover inside your dishwasher. A large particle of food, for example, could get hung up here, but chances are the drain will be clear.

Water sprayer plugged?

Grab a pair of tweezers to remove any food particles, or to open up the holes that might show a buildup of mineral deposits.

One cleaning cycle using ‘vinegar.’

Make sure the dishwasher is completely empty; then, fill a cup with white vinegar and place on the top rack facing up. Run the washer on its highest temperature setting. This process will further clean areas from any tiny food particles and mineral deposits

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