Parts of a Range Appliance that Commonly Need Repair

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Whether a range is made by GE, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, or another manufacturer, one thing is sure: If you keep it long enough, it will need some sort of service. Fortunately, the most commonly-needed repair is also simple and inexpensive. Here are some of the things to keep an eye on for range appliance repair as your range or range/oven ages:

Burned-Out Elements

This is the most common range repair. The reason for this is simple: Range elements, much like the filaments in old-fashioned light bulbs, slowly vaporize over time. The ones for the range are very thick and made of tough material, so it takes years for this to reach the level of failure. When the time finally comes, the element may visibly crack or it may simply stop lighting. Either way, the fix is simple: unplug the old one and plug in a brand new one. This can be done by a technician, but you can also get the proper replacement from our parts department.

One or More Electric Burners Won’t Come On – But it Isn’t Burned Out

This is usually a problem with the switch or the wiring to the burner. If the range has analog knobs, the repair will be fairly simple once the problem has been found. A technician can use a multimeter to see where the electricity stops flowing. This will pin down the location of the electrical fault. Then the appropriate switch or wire can be replaced to restore the current to the burner.

If the range is controlled by a computer, like many new ones are, the problem may turn out to be in the circuit board instead of the wiring. Then, repairs can cost quite a bit more. However, the usual way of fixing controller problems is to replace the entire board. Even those in the computing industry rarely repair circuit boards, finding it more reliable to use ones that are new from the factory.

An Electric Burner Stays On All the Time

If you have a burner that stays on all the time even when it’s not turned to the highest setting, it’s either a controller problem or a failed thermostat. As with burners that won’t come on, the expense of a repair depends mostly on whether the range is analog or digital. Analog switches are almost always cheaper than new controller boards. Thermostats, on the other hand, are priced mainly according to availability.

The Gas Range Won’t Operate at All

This almost always means that a safety switch has failed. A gas range includes several safety mechanisms to ensure that gas doesn’t leak out. Other safety controllers make sure that if you turn the range on, the gas will stop coming if it doesn’t actually get lit. If any of these devices go bad, they default to the “off” state to prevent dangerous situations from arising.

The best solution for this is to have a technician come out. There are so many possible devices that it’s hard to find which one is causing the problem unless you already have direct experience.

A Single Gas Burner Won’t Light

On modern ranges, this can mean that its igniter is no longer producing the needed sparks. However, it can also be caused by grime plugging up the holes the gas comes from. Therefore, try cleaning it with a wire brush first. If it still doesn’t work, call for repairs.

These are just some of the things that can go wrong with a range as it gets older. For repairs of any kind of range problem, just contact us. We’ll get it working again right away.


With a New Family, Washer Appliance Repair Can’t Wait

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Having kids is a wonderful time in your life, and with that comes laundry. If you are a first-time parent like most others, you will take plenty of extra time and care to properly clean your new baby’s clothes. But with babies comes stains and messes, and the next thing you know, your washer breaks. Suddenly, you are in dire need of washer appliance repair.

If you find that your washer is no longer functioning the way it used to, or simply stops working entirely, you need to find fast and reliable service. Often times, trying to find a repair company can be a daunting task, especially because you never know what the wait will be like.

Skipping the Wait

Some companies will require waits of several days, and understandably so. But when you have a new baby you need to get it fixed as soon as possible. You need professionals that can come by, diagnose the problem, and start fixing it immediately.

Knowing Your Costs

Its also important to have upfront pricing. As any new parent can tell you, being a new parent is a costly endeavor. You gladly pay for diapers and wipes, but your wallet is impacted nonetheless. When you know ahead of time what it will cost to repair your washing machine,  you will be better prepared to budget for the work that will be done. Additional costs may come in later based on the exact diagnosed problem, but at least having a general idea is crucial.

Making Contact

Finally, you need a repair company that you can form a good professional relationship with. A new baby requires constant attention, and you need to find professionals that you can leave alone with your washer on a moment’s notice if your baby needs you. If you are a new parent and your washer breaks, help us ease the process. Contact us today.

Why Dryer Appliance Repair Can’t Wait

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If your dryer is in need of repair, it can be easy to put it off. However, dryer appliance repair is really something that can’t wait. Instead, as soon as your dryer stops working as it is supposed to, it’s important to call a repair professional — such as at Fred’s Appliance — to take a look. These are a few reasons why.

A Faulty Dryer is a Dangerous Dryer

Unlike with some appliances, a dryer that is in poor condition can be dangerous. Dryer fires are a real thing, and if there is a lint clog or an issue with one of the electrical or gas parts, something bad could happen. This is one of the most important reasons why you should have your dryer looked at as soon as possible after it stops working properly.

Your Clothing Could Be Damaged

Another thing that you have to worry about with a faulty dryer is your clothing being damaged. Your clothes can get caught up in one of the crevices inside the drum, for example, and can stretch or tear. A dryer that gets too hot can cause buttons to pop off of clothing and can even cause holes to be burned in your clothes. You can end up losing a lot more money on damaged clothing than you would spend on repairing your dryer.

As you can see, dryer appliance repair isn’t something that you should put off. If you are looking for affordable, reliable appliance repair for your dryer, contact us at Fred’s Appliance today to find out more about our services.

How To Wash Dishes By Hand … Or Not

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Remember life in the prehistoric ages, when we had to wash our dishes by hand? It was right around the same time when we had to get on the horse and buggy for travel to the general store, churn our own butter, and wash the clothes in a river — somewhere around 1750 or so I think.

The dawn before the age of dishwashers was a long and arduous one. We had to first gather a sink full of dirty dishes, which in itself is quite disgusting really. Then, we would pour the dishwasher soap into a tub of warm water. You soak all the dirty dishes in there until all the leftover mess of grubby grease, grime and food from dinner comes off into the water. Nothing like diving your hands into a tub full of warm water and pasta with alfredo sauce swimming around in it. All in all, the task would take about 45 minutes to an hour if you got really efficient at it.

Fast forward to the modern century and all that’s required to get stuck on messes off our dishes and sanitized to be fit for human use again is a simple loading and unloading of the wondrous machine called the dishwasher. Not only does it save on time, but it also saves on mess, and gets our dishes much cleaner than if we do them by hand.

This is all great, but what happens when something goes wrong with the dishwasher? What usually happens is the dishes pile high to about the size of the Eiffel Tower and whoever gets tired of looking at them first gets the honor of trying to get them clean.

There’s really no need, however, to attempt tackling the Eiffel Tower of dirty dishes. One quick call to “Fred’s Appliance Repair” and we can schedule a qualified professional dishwasher appliance repair technician to your home right away. Please contact us for more information today.