Five Tips for Organization to Maximize Efficiency and Avoid Refrigerator Appliance Repair

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refrigerator appliance repair

Although there are plenty of refrigerator-related problems not related to organization, how you organize your refrigerator can play an essential role in avoiding refrigerator appliance repair. When you learn how to use your refrigerator at maximum efficiency, your refrigerator also gets to operate at that level.

Following some basic tips on organization can help you get better use out of your refrigerator.

Keep Dripping Foods on the Bottom

When you find a large mess that you have to clean up in the refrigerator, you must spend a decent amount of time with the door open to get everything back to normal. Unfortunately, this also makes the appliance work harder as it has to bring the items inside back to the temperature they were before.

If you keep dripping foods on the bottom, you can avoid messes that take a long time to clean.

Invest in Plastic Placemats

To keep messes from being time-consuming to clean, you should also invest in plastic placemats. For instance, instead of having to clean from inside of the refrigerator, you can just remove a placemat, replace it with a new one in seconds, and then clean the dirty placemat separately.

Always Cover Food and Liquid

Moisture that gets released into the air inside the refrigerator forces it to work harder. With this in mind, you should make sure that all food and liquid is completely covered before storing it inside.

Clean the Fridge before Shopping

Since cleaning the fridge is something that you should do on a regular basis, you should also find a rhythm in which you can do it during the most opportune time. For instance, after your refrigerator has been nearly emptied and you need to do some shopping is an ideal time to do a quick cleaning.

Minimize the Time the Door Is Open

When you organize your refrigerator, you know where everything belongs. It is beneficial to be organized because it reduces how long you need to keep the fridge door open to get what you need, which also reduces how much work your refrigerator must put in to get the items back to the set temperature.

In some cases, refrigerator repair is inevitable, so feel free to contact us if you need professional help.

3 Benefits of Going to Appliance Repair School

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appliance repair schoolAlmost every household in the country has its share of large appliances, but most people don’t think about attending appliance repair school. However, if you have an interest in how appliances work and are looking to improve your education, you might want to consider taking appliance repair classes. These are three of the different benefits that you can enjoy if you do.

1. Save Money on Your Own Appliances

There is a good chance that you have spent quite a bit of money over the years on your own appliances, from paying to have them repaired to replacing them when they stop working. If you take appliance repair classes, however, you will be able to maintain and repair your own appliances. This can help you appliances last longer without the need for replacement and can save you money on repair services. This perk alone is enough to make it worth your while to attend appliance repair school.

2. Start Your Own Business

Have you ever thought about how great it might be to start your own business rather than working for someone else? If so, you might have had trouble coming up with lucrative business ideas.

Attending appliance repair school can help, however. After you have completed your training and you have the motivation and drive, you can start a business that fixes other people’s appliances, or you can repair old appliances and re-sell them for a profit.  The classes are not designed for starting a business, but in some markets, there are no appliance repair companies!

3. Open Up Your Job Opportunities

If you feel more comfortable working for someone else for a steady paycheck, you can still benefit from these classes. Then, you can open up your opportunities for a host of different jobs.

As you can see, appliance repair school can be beneficial for just about anyone. If you are interested in enjoying these benefits and so many more, contact us at Fred’s Appliance to find out more about appliance repair school.

Congrats to Brian!

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fred's appliance repair

We at Fred’s Appliance are proud to announce that one of our technicians, Brian Brocco, has ranked in the top 10% of Whirlpool’s authorized service network.   The criteria is based on overall performance which includes a quick recognition of the repair issues and providing an excellent consumer experience.  Whirlpool has recognized our technician with a plaque and he sets an example for all of us at Fred’s Appliance to shoot for.  Congrats, Brian!

Get Appliance Repair Training to Fill a Niche in Your Hometown

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appliance repair trainingAs you grow up in your hometown, you will naturally see whether certain roles are filled. For instance, appliance repair might be a fairly lacking industry in your neighborhood, and you may want to fill this void. Instead of trying to find work in a saturated area, you can fill a niche on your own. Getting appliance repair training is the first step to being successful as an appliance repair professional.

Learn the Ropes

With hands-on training, you can learn a lot more than you would in just a classroom setting. Professional guidance through many appliance problems and repair situations is just what you need to succeed in the future. A three-week course will help you gain a great deal of knowledge in a short period of time.

Start a Business

Although you can work elsewhere to gain some experience in the appliance repair industry, you may feel confident enough to head back to your hometown and start a business immediately. As long as you know the basics and how to work safe, you can learn the rest that you need to know from job experience alone.  The classes are not designed for starting your own business, but we encourage our students to solve problems and sometimes your own repair business accomplishes this!

Fill a Niche

When you use your upbringing to your advantage to determine what is needed in your hometown, you can fill a niche by getting the training you need to start a business and begin helping others. It is crucial to understand that your business can focus on anything related to appliance repair, such as specializing in dishwashers, refrigerators, or small appliances, depending on what you want to do and what your neighborhood needs.

If you want to get started with a training program, please contact us today.