4 Ways Appliance Misuse Can Lead to Costly Repairs

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December 10, 2015

Although you may not realize it, your daily habits are potentially damaging your home appliances. While normal wear and tear will eventually take its toll, misuse will definitely cut their lifespans short. Combining proper use with regular maintenance can extend your appliances’ life and save you money on avoidable repairs.

An Overcrowded Freezer

Stuffing your freezer to the brim can lead to an overtaxed condenser which can drastically shorten your refrigerator’s life. If the air vents in the back of your freezer are blocked, the cold air flow becomes restricted causing your refrigerator’s workload to increase. The strain will ultimately speed up your appliance’s decline.

Lint Build-Up

Neglecting to clean your dryer’s lint trap after every use isn’t only a safety issue, but it’s also a serious maintenance misstep. Lint build-up will greatly reduce your dryer’s efficiency, which means longer drying times and a higher energy bill. While wasted time and money is bad enough, you’re also reducing your appliance’s life expectancy.

Loose Coins In Your Washer

Forgetting to empty your pockets before throwing your pants in the washer can actually damage your appliance. Loose coins left in your machine during a wash cycle can dent the appliance’s drum. The coins can also become wedged in the crevices inside your machine causing serious malfunctions and costly appliance repair.

Oven Spills

No matter how careful you are, oven spills are bound to happen. However, leaving a spill or multiple spills on the bottom of your appliance can cause serious problems. For starters, you can harm your oven’s heating coils, but most importantly, ignored spills can cause a dangerous oven fire. Cleaning spills before they cause unnecessary damage is crucial to your oven’s health and your family’s safety.

If you’re dealing with a malfunctioning appliance, please contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you.  We’re proud to offer great appliance repair service in Mentor, Ohio and the rest of Northeast Ohio!

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