How to Diagnose and Fix a Noisy GE Dryer

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Your GE dryer model DBXR463GBWW isn’t exactly quiet while it’s operating, however, there’s a difference between the everyday sound of your appliance working properly and an abnormal noise that indicates your dryer is malfunctioning. Oftentimes, the type of sound your dryer is emitting can help you pinpoint the failing part. If you’re hearing a rumbling sound, the blower wheel may be worn … Read More

Why is the Water Level in Your Washer Low?

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Have you peaked inside your washer only to discover that the water level inside is looking kind of low? It may look like barely any is in there. The water may not even be fully saturating your clothing. When you discover this, it certainly can be due to an actual problem with your appliance. However, it may actually be part … Read More

How (and Why) to Clean Your Ice Maker

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There is no room temperature drink that isn’t made infinitely better with a few ice cubes in it. It takes the “just okay” glass of tap water and elevates it to ice cold and refreshing. Unfortunately, there may come a day when the otherwise pristine ice cubes once dispensed from your ice maker come out leaving your glass of water … Read More